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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in Melbourne You Can Trust

As soon as a lease comes to an end, property agents and owners will inspect the property. Unless they are happy with the cleanliness of the property, they will not be returning the bond to you.

End of lease cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. The process is beyond the typical dusting and sweeping process involved in regular cleaning. Restoring a property or house to its original state requires extensive effort, great attention-to-detail, and hours of work.more...

Aside from convincing the property owner, bond cleaning in Melbourne is also a legal requirement in the agreement. Hence, the current state of the property also determines how much of the bond will be refunded to you.

If all of this sounds overwhelming to you, fret not! You could count on our professional service for bond cleaning in Melbourne. Our experts specialise in cleaning homes with the aim of getting you 100% return of bond. Our comprehensive cleaning service uses the best tools and equipment to have the property cleaned to the highest standard.


How Bond Cleaning in Melbourne Can Help

Real-estate agents will provide a checklist to you and check if every requirement is met. Here’s how our moving house cleaning in Melbourne can help.


Floors: The floor area has to be washed to remove dirt and spots. Our cleaners will identify the same and have them removed easily.


Bathroom: Bathroom is one of the most important places that need to be hygienic. We will make sure that the bathtub, toilet bowl, taps, sinks, and other elements are clean.


Walls: Since walls are immediately noticed by anyone, special attention will have to be given to get rid of any marks or dirt. Our vacate cleaning in Melbourne has always delighted our clients by restoring walls to its original state.


Windows: Our cleaning services will make sure that the windows are clean and free from dirt. Additionally, we will clean the fittings around the windows too.


Kitchen: Being one of the most frequently used spaces, sufficient cleaning will be required for this space. With our cleaning tools, we will remove grease and dirt off of floor walls, boards, and tiling. Drawers and cupboards will be cleaned as well.


Carpets: Carpet cleaning is tricky and not everyone can pull that off the perfect way. Agents and owners might also demand that the carpets are cleaned by a professional cleaning service.


Home Appliances: Cleaning home appliances require special care and attention. It will also take significant amount of time to take off the grease and dirt. Additionally, the cleaning process will be done without damaging the machine parts and components.


Curtains: Curtains, blinds, and other hanging fabric will be cleaned thoroughly and be brought back to its original state.


Now, that’s lot of work in there. Spending a great deal of time going through all of the above by yourself will not just be exhausting, but the end results might not be appealing as well. With years of experience under their belt, our cleaners can perfectly accomplish the aforementioned tasks with end of tenancy cleaning to leave a lasting impression.

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All Rooms

Dust all accessible surfaces
Vacuum and mop all floors
Mirrors cleaned and polished
Empty garbage bins


Clean stovetop and oven front
Polish taps and sink
Wipe exterior of appliances
Clean exterior of cabinets and pantry
Clean benchtop and splash back
Clean interior of cabinets and pantry
Clean inside oven including trays
Clean rangehood

Living Areas and Bedrooms

Detail door handles
Clean light switches and power points
Cobweb removal
Dust and wipe skirting boards
Wipe door exterior and frames
Clean light fittings (where accessible)
Wardrobe, cabinet and draws interior cleaned

Bathroom and Laundry

Clean tiles and shower screen
Sanitise toilet
Polish taps and sinks
Apply mould remover to tiles and grouting
Wipe cabinet and shelves exterior
Dust accessible air vents
Clean clothes dryer filter
Clean cabinet and draw interior

Frequent Asked Questions

Our professional cleaners will visit your house and make a checklist for the cleaning process for the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. This checklist will focus on the cleaning of floors, kitchen, bathroom, dusting, etc., our expert team takes utmost care for all the items that is there in the home. We also customise the checklist based on the customer’s preferences too.[

Bond cleaning in Melbourne, generally means undertaking the cleaning to get the bond back, whereas, end of lease cleaning refers to cleaning at the end of the lease period, and one cannot get the bond back before the expiration of the lease period. Hence these conditions are interlinked. Though both have different meanings, they are usually used for the same situation, thus they both are the same.

Yes you should! All these days, you have lived in a leased property, and are looking to exit the property now? A good end of lease cleaning services will actually benefit you by restoring the property back to its original condition with less wear and tear.  In case, if there was any additional wear outs, that were caused by your pet or some additional activity on the property, which had messed the space, or that hard stain on the carpet, that you created, you definitely do not prefer scrubbing and cleaning them, then Maid2go has a better solution for all these.

All the services offered by Maid2go, comes with a guarantee! Our dedicated and meticulous professional cleaners come with many years of experience. We will try our best to provide the best cleaning experience with our end of lease cleaning services Melbourne. If you are not happy with our assistance, you may let us know and we will come back and clean it free for you.

At Maid2go, we are different from your regular cleaning company. Our utmost goal is to win the hearts of our customers with our outstanding end of lease cleaning services Melbourne.  All our expert professional cleaners are trustworthy and loyal. They work hard to provide the customers with a happy home. Also, we do only what is good for you and your family and are reliable, efficient and easy on your pockets.

Yes, we guarantee a quality service on bond cleaning Melbourne. We make sure to undertake the tasks in a diligent way. In case, if you are not satisfied with the cleaned area, we will be happy to return and clean any of the missed areas for FREE. But, we ask that it should be notified within 24 hours. We value our customers, so please call us if you have any concerns, we will set it right for you.

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