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When you move into a home, you usually find it clean and in good condition. At the end of your lease, you are expected to restore the house to its original condition that you found it in. The process of getting it to that standard is the bond cleaning. This is a legal requirement in the tenancy agreement and will determine how much of your bond will be refunded.

It is important that you find the best bond cleaning service in Sydney that will do a good job to ensure your landlord does not deduct your bond refund to take care of the cleaning they believe needs to be done. Our end of lease cleaning Sydney services is the best in the city.

Bond Cleaning Services in Sydney

Affordable End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

Your bond payment is usually the equivalent of 1-month rent payment which you will deposit. When you move into the house and inspection will be carried out and an initial condition report will be filled to point out the condition in which the house is and that you will have to leave it in when you vacate. To ensure you get back your bond, here is the detailed vacate cleaning that needs to be performed.

Our end-of-lease cleaning service in Sydney is the quickest and most convenient way to make your house clean and ensure a stress-free house moving. Leave the cleaning to our professional cleaners, who understand every twist and turn in providing an efficient end of lease cleaning service while meeting the standards of your landlord or real estate agent.

Allow Maid2Go to handle the move out cleaning so you can concentrate on moving, knowing that your rented property will be spotless within hours of your departure.

Use Maid 2 Go Cleaning to book an end of lease cleaning service without any hassle. Book now!

How End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney Can Help

Real-estate agents will provide a checklist to you and check if every requirement is met. Here’s how our moving house cleaning in Sydney can help.


The floor area has to be washed to remove dirt and spots. Our cleaners will identify the same and have them removed easily.


Bathroom is one of the most important places that need to be hygienic. We will make sure that the bathtub, toilet bowl, taps, sinks, and other elements are clean.


Since walls are immediately noticed by anyone, special attention will have to be given to get rid of any marks or dirt. Our vacate cleaning in Sydney has always delighted our clients by restoring walls to its original state.


Our cleaning services will make sure that the windows are clean and free from dirt. Additionally, we will clean the fittings around the windows too.


Being one of the most frequently used spaces, sufficient cleaning will be required for this space. With our cleaning tools, we will remove grease and dirt off of floor walls, boards, and tiling. Drawers and cupboards will be cleaned as well.


Carpet cleaning is tricky and not everyone can pull that off the perfect way. Agents and owners might also demand that the carpets are cleaned by a professional cleaning service.

Home Appliances

Cleaning home appliances require special care and attention. It will also take significant amount of time to take off the grease and dirt. Additionally, the cleaning process will be done without damaging the machine parts and components.


Curtains, blinds, and other hanging fabric will be cleaned thoroughly and be brought back to its original state.

Now, that’s lot of work in there. Spending a great deal of time going through all of the above by yourself will not just be exhausting, but the end results might not be appealing as well. With years of experience under their belt, our cleaners can perfectly accomplish the aforementioned tasks with end of tenancy cleaning to leave a lasting impression.

Checkout our Professional Move In/Out Cleaning Rates/prices for end of lease cleaning services and what is included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a professional cleaning service, making your housekeeping task an easy one! Our team comprises of hard-working individuals, who are experts in bond cleaning. Hence, we guarantee a one of the kind end of lease cleaning in Sydney. Our main focus is to gain, top-notch customer satisfaction, with our quality bond cleaning service.

Bond cleaning, generally means undertaking the cleaning to get the bond back, whereas, end of lease cleaning refers to cleaning at the end of the lease period, and one cannot get the bond back before the expiration of the lease period. Hence these conditions are interlinked. Though both have different meanings, they are usually used for the same situation, thus they both are the same.

Yes you should! If you have lived in a leased property, a good end of lease cleaning service Sydney will actually benefit you by restoring the property back to its original condition with less wear and tear. Maid2go has a superior answer for all types of end-of-tenancy cleaning concerns, and the most essential thing is that you receive your bond money back!

Our professional cleaners will visit your house and make a checklist for the cleaning process for the end of lease cleaning in Sydney. This checklist will focus on the cleaning of floors, kitchen, bathroom, dusting, etc., our expert team takes utmost care for all the items that is there in the home. We also customise the checklist based on the customer’s preferences too.

Yes, we guarantee a quality service on bond cleaning service. We make sure to undertake the tasks in a diligent way. In case, if you are not satisfied with our end of lease cleaning, we will be happy to return and clean any of the missed areas for FREE. But, we ask that it should be notified within 7 days (*Terms of service). We value our customers, so please call us if you have any concerns, we will set it right for you.

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