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End of Lease Cleaning North Sydney

What is end of lease cleaning?

As per the real estate standards, when tenants are ending the lease of their property, they should give the property back cleaned before their landlord or property manager release their bond which is placed with RTBA. The cleaning will be performed as per the end of the lease cleaning checklist. This cleaning activity is called an end of lease cleaning.



Our professional cleaners will put their full effort to get your place look and smell as good as new. Here are the services you can avail:

Best Bond Cleaning North Sydney

The requirement will be to leave the property clean and ready for the new tenants to move in. This is why many prefer to hire professional cleaners who are specialised in end of lease cleaning. The professionals will perform the cleaning tasks making sure that all the requirements of the contract between the landlord and tenant are met.

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Bond Cleaning North Sydney – What does that mean?

When you vacate your house, you will have to clean the property because it is the legal requirement of your tenancy and a process to get your bond refunded.

Both you and your real estate agent will have a list that details the condition of each room of your home. It also includes the number of nails on the walls, any stains or damage that was already made before you move in. This form will be later used to check everything in the house is exactly the same as when you moved in.

A bond cleaning includes cleaning the walls, removing insects and dirt, ensuring all surfaces is wiped down, and any stains and marks are removed. The purpose of the bond cleaning is to restore the house to the original condition when first moved in.




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