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8 Important Areas to Note During an End of Lease Clean

Areas to take note during end of lease cleaning

Are you getting out of your rented property? Will you want to secure the balance of your bond? If yes, keep a close eye on the cleaning and maintenance part of your house. Many landlords and property managers keep back the security deposit if they deem some part of the property unclean.

It doesn’t matter how well you clean your home, the end of the lease cleaning is something that requires a lot of experience. That’s why most of the tenants employ the finest end of the North Sydey lease cleaners. Using specialised equipment and cleaning methods, any corner of your property can be cleaned to help you protect your bond amount.

But if you do it yourself, don’t forget to tidy up the 8 most significant places of your rented land. We’re giving you the 8 most imperative and neglected places that you need to remember when you’re doing the final cleaning of the lease.

Let’s get started now!

1. High-traffic Area

Carpets, upholstery, and rugs collect most of the dust particles, footsteps, and other bacterial particles that need to be washed properly. During the end of the contract, clean carpets and rugs should be vacuumed to protect your bond amount.

The vacuum cleaner performs well when it will take all the dust particles in seconds to give them a clean and polished appearance. When you’ve done this, go a little ahead and clear the stains from the carpets.

Quick message: instead of brushing the stains, sprinkle the cleaning solution and let it rest for 10 minutes. After that, blot it off with a clean towel.

2. Light Fixtures And Fittings

Light fixtures and fittings are one of the most neglected places when it comes to the final cleaning of the lease. You need to clean the light fixtures and fittings of your house if you want to protect your bond.

Develop a cleaning paste at home with soda and lemon. This will help you clean stains from your switchboards and sink fixtures. What you need to do is scrub the mixture onto the infected area and clean it off with a dry rag.

3. Bathroom

Around the time of the home review, the landlord examines the bathroom carefully because it is one of the dirtiest parts of the building. And if your bathroom is filthy, he/she will keep back your bond amount. Focus on the following activities to protect your protection deposits:

  • Mopping the hard floor
  • Disinfecting washbasin, taps, toilet seat and shower
  • Clean exhaust vents
  • Remove moulds from walls
  • Get rid of stains using homemade cleaner
  • Remove the dustbin, etc.

4. Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is one of those places that need to be properly cleaned. And when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the countertops can’t be forgotten. It’s the place where you splatter the grease, seasoning the food crumbs while frying the food.

This implies the kitchen countertops require additional effort during the cleaning process. Using a wet rag, remove dust and spot for better performance. Sprinkle a cleaner agent on the stains with sticky stains and rinse it with a sponge or rinse brush.

5. Tiled surface, Showers And Sinks

How can you clean tile floors, sinks, and showers? Of course, there are several cleaning items available on the market that can help you clean these places. But for better performance, a combined solution of lemon and vinegar may be used. This natural cleaner will work wonderfully if you use it properly.

All you need to do is spray on the discolored tile or the drain, shower floor, and hold it for 10 minutes. After that, spray with a soda and rinse and scrub with a clean rag. Isn’t that simple?

6. Windows, Walls and Blinds

Window cleaning is also one of the most overlooked activities, particularly at the end of the lease cleaning process. People sometimes neglect to clean their filthy windows. If you don’t want to fail in the inspection process, scrub the windows, glasses, walls and blinds perfectly.

Employ a dedicated lease cleaning business in Sydney, such as Maid2Go in Sydney, if you’re trapped in moving out activities. They use the right equipment and methods to disinfect the most overlooked areas of your home without any worry.

7. Bedroom

Made sure all of your bedrooms are organized and well cleaned. Before the final move out, it is necessary to leave the bedroom in its actual position. You will do the following things:

  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Replace dirty bedsheets, pillow covers, other linens and curtains with a washed one.
  • Vacuum the furniture
  • Clean the mattress
  • Clear up walls and fans, etc.

8. Garden Area

If you have a yard, clean it properly or you might forfeit your bond amount. You should trim the edges of the bushes, trim the plants, mow the lawn, and clear the dust from the outdoor furniture because all of these items can be reviewed by the owner.

Wrapping Up

Before you begin your final cleaning task, follow these tips closely. It’s going to help you get your bond back.

Have a very happy, clean day!