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How Important is Keeping a Clean Home

Keep your home clean

How Important is Keeping a Clean Home

We all know that a clean home makes us happy; but, did you know that it can help keep us active and healthy? In fact, a survey has found a correlation between a clean house and physical fitness.

The study also reveals that the interior condition of a house seemed to be the only thing affecting an individual’s physical and mental activities.  Moreover, people with the cleanest homes are found to be the healthiest and most active, according to the study results.

Are these findings really shocking? Well, they are! Even the Environmental Protection Agency admits that indoor air quality can be polluted more than the outdoors. If the average person spends up to 90% of their tie indoors, he/she is breathing dust mites, pollen, bed dander, and bug skeletons. These things manifest themselves as symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes. But, it should be blamed on an unclean house. These statistics show the importance of house cleaning, and also proves that a clean house has mental and health benefits as well.


Things that happen to your mind and body when you have a clean house

  • You’ll be happy

People living in a messy, cluttered home have higher levels of stress in their daily lives than who live in a clean home. Why? Visual chaos affects the natural decline of cortisol (a stress hormone) which occurs when you unwind after a long day.

A clean house can ultimately reduce the risk of depression and keep you happy. If you don’t find time to clean your house, why not get help from professional cleaning services in Balmain? You would be surprised to see your home neat and tidy after returning from a tiring day.

  • Improves concentration

When your house is tidy and organised, it makes room for creativity. Yes, being in a clutter-free home help promote clarity that extends to other parts of your life which will eventually help you reach heights both professionally and personally.  A study also proves this: Clutter significantly impacts our focus, overloading the visual cortex and slowing down the response time.

  • Physical health will improve

If you have frequent colds and allergies, your messy house could be the culprit. Regular house cleaning service removes bacteria and viruses that negatively affect your health. Dust mites may not be visible, but, they are scientifically proven to cause allergies, and they live everywhere in your house. This is why deep cleaning by professional house cleaning services in Manly is vital.

Few essential tips to keep your home clean

  • Leave the shoes at the door – You don’t want to have accidental mud prints inside your home.
  • Clean a little every day – Spend at least 30 minutes a day to clean or organise your home.
  • Make your bed – keep your bedroom clean to have a better sleep.
  • Do the dishes – Clean the dishes after every meal, as it’s less stressful than doing at the end of the day.