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Household items that need professional cleaning!

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Household items that need professional cleaning!

Happiness is a fresh, clean home! Although it takes a lot of hard work to do a deep and thorough cleaning of your house, in the end, it is ultimately worthwhile when everything feels like new around the house, you will get to enjoy the satisfaction of your job well done. However always there seem to be a few things around the house which you may forget while you are cleaning or just seem too difficult to clean in the first place. That’s fine, as you are not a professional in cleaning. Here is a list of areas or items in the household to focus while cleaning which is better when left to professional cleaning services Sydney.


Window blinds:

Window blinds can get dirty so quickly, and also they take forever to clean. However, it shouldn’t be that way. Here are some tips from professional cleaners to clean window Blinds.

  • Take two narrow strips of dusting cloth.
  • Wrap each strip around the ends of kitchen tongs and secure it with rubber bands. Trim down the pieces if they are too hulking when wrapped.
  • Proceed to clean the window blinds, one slat at a time descending them horizontally.
  • Once you are done, take out the cloth and return the tongs to the kitchen. Make sure to wash them before using them to pick up food.

Hope you have got a good idea on how to clean window blinds. However, we would suggest it is best to leave the work to professional house cleaning Maroubra. They will come with all the cleaning materials needed so that you don’t have to use your kitchen stuff.


Vent covers:

All the air that blows through the vent cover will leave behind more grime and dust than you would expect. These covers are difficult to clean and are often one of the things left uncleaned during house cleaning. The main reason being these covers are attached to the windows. However, you can pop them off and make the process much easier.

When left to professional house cleaning Rosebery, they will unscrew the vent cover and wipe the slates down with a paper towel and chemical cleaners if required. They will also run water through it ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned.  They will blow-dry the cover and once it is dry will reattach to the vent and it is now super clean!


Cloth couches:

The fabric is a porous surface, and it can track stains and dirt more easily which cannot be simply wiped off. Since couches are favourite places in the house to relax and meet in the home, it requires some deep cleaning. The couch can also easily get an old couch smell if left unclean for a long time.

Some couches come with removable covers which are easy to clean by machine wash. If your couch doesn’t have a removable cover, here are some tips for you to clean it.

  • Use a stiff brush to remove hairs of you, your family members and your pets on the couch.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the dirt.
  • You can also try mild all-purpose cleaner to remove stains.

However, the best we try, it is impossible to get them cleaned with a professional touch. Professional cleaning services Rosebery will carry different cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to clean the couches for you. Call them now!