End of tenancy can be a difficult time for anyone who has ever moved or rented a house. Your bond will not be refunded if the property manager finds that the cleaning level is not adequate enough. Check out the cleaning recommendations in this post if you need to save money and stay trouble-free.

1. Cleaning the Living Room

The living room is a popular gathering space in the home. The living area has to be thoroughly dusted and vacuumed. Clean every shelf and cabinet, as well as the TV, small table, and all bookshelves and racks. There are many challenging surfaces and objects to clean in the living room because it is frequently furnished and lavishly decorated.

2. Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

An unclean toilet not only compromises your health but also your deposit money. So, make sure it’s spotless before the final check. You can try cleaning it up, starting at the ceiling, getting rid of dust and cobwebs.

Use bathroom cleaning or common home products like vinegar and baking soda to adequately scrub the sink, faucets, and tub. Then, focus on the tiles and walls. Lastly, mop the floor and remove any extra water using a dry cloth.

3. Do the Bedroom Cleaning

Make sure to wipe any closet shelves and polish any mirrors that have been furnished. If your home has carpet, you should treat any stains before vacuuming the floor. You can straight mop the floor if you don’t have carpets. If your flooring is made of wood, use an oil soap. Repeat these steps for every bedroom.

4. Be Sure to Clean Your Kitchen

You should put extra care into cleaning your kitchen because it is the busiest area in your house and where cooking has always been done. You must ensure that the space is free of unclean spots, oil and grease coatings, dust, and other unpleasant things during the final check.

Clean every surface, including the floor, kitchen sink, counters, cabinets, walls, tiles, and ceilings. In every case, begin from the top and work down to the bottom.

5. Hire Professionals Bond Cleaning Services

The best way to clean your rental property and regain your deposit back is without a doubt to hire professional bond cleaners in Singapore. The cleaners ensure that the house is perfectly cleaned using their skills, experience, and advanced cleaning equipment.

It can be incredibly worrisome to not know whether you will receive the bond back at the end of your lease. But following the cleaning tips in this post can give you a lot more faith that you’ll receive your deposit back.

Cleaning Recommendations for the End of Your Tenancy to Prevent Losing Your Deposit
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