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10 Reasons Your House Is a Mess

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Because I usually have a messy house, I can write this article with experience. It’s not always messy, and I do my best to keep it tidy, but it does become messy sometimes. These are the reasons why my house is disorganized. Check to see if you can identify with any of these.

1. You have an excessive amount of clutter.

When you have a lot of clutter, it’s nearly hard to keep your house clean. The areas I’ve effectively decluttered tend to keep nice with little effort. Rooms that are still messy require extra work to clean. And even when they are technically clean, they still appear messy.

2. You don’t have a regular cleaning routine.

A regular cleaning schedule is very beneficial in keeping a house clean, or at least comfortable. Cleaning activities are usually performed in the morning, evening, or both. If you already have a cleaning schedule but your house is still a mess, it may be time to add a few tasks to it. Doing the dishes, washing down the bathroom, sweeping the floor, and making the beds are common daily cleaning tasks. Include any duties that you need to do to maintain your house in order.

3. You don’t do your cleaning practice on a regular basis.

It occurs to everyone. We have a very busy period, and the normal cleaning routine is postponed for a few days or a week. Perhaps you’ve been sick, or your children have been sick, or you’ve been working extra hours. When this happens, simply pick up where you left off. It may seem like a superhuman effort is required to bring the house back in order. However, this is not always the case. After a few days of getting back into a cleaning routine, the house should be back to normal.

4. You never initiate a major cleaning.

This is related to having too much clutter. Some people are good at getting rid of additional clutter once every six months, once a year, or once every couple of years. Others, though, may find this overwhelming. Large-scale decluttering does not have to take place all at once. Take on the clutter in 15-minute daily chunks, like I did. That way, you can get a lot cleaned out and it’s fairly painless. However, no matter how great you are at completing your regular cleaning procedures, failing to make an effort to clean away the clutter will cause a house to drift toward the messy side.

5. You have children.

In my experience, the more children there are, the messier the house becomes. “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing,” Phyllis Diller said. This quote truly hits me, especially on days when I’ve picked up just to have it appear that I didn’t five minutes later. Those kinds of days happen a lot around here.

6. Your children do not help with housework.

I realize this is a tough problem. It might be challenging to get the kids to help, and even if they do, it can be difficult to get them to do a fine task. It might be easy to do everything oneself at times. But, believe me, this is not the way to go. You’ll quickly become exhausted and feel taken advantage of. Get the kids participate, even if they are little. They must all learn to contribute to household responsibilities.

7. Your partner does not help in cleaning the house.

It might be stressful to get the kids involved in tasks if their father is not willing to help. If this is the case, have a long discussion with him. This is something I’ve had to do several times. My spouse doesn’t want to help since he doesn’t understand the issue. He has a high tolerance for clutter and doesn’t even think about it until he trips over it.

8. You have no idea how to clean.

I know this seems bizarre, but it’s true for certain people. When I initially began taking care of a home, I had no idea how to clean. I used to believe that cleaning the house once a week required a significant amount of effort. I’m not sure why I believed this, but it never worked! I have to learn to break things down into manageable chunks. Now I’m shocked at how quickly I can do tasks.

9. Your housekeeping standards are very high.

I used to be a total nerd when it came to cleaning. Instead of just quickly cleaning every other day, I assumed I needed to move the furniture and vacuum under the baseboards every time. It’s no surprise that I put it off until the end of the week. It was terrible! Even though I only vacuum beneath the furniture once every couple of months, my house looks quite a bit nicer now. Let’s be honest: if it takes you all day to clean a room that should just take 20 minutes, you’ll probably postpone it for as long as possible.

10. You don’t have the time or the ability to clean.

While I believe that most individuals have at least some times to clean every day, I have encountered folks who do not. And then there are some who can’t because they have a physical disability that prevents them from cleaning. My mother was in that category for a while before undergoing double hip replacement surgery. She was able to do some cleaning, but it was really tough for her. If you find yourself in a situation where you just cannot clean, it may be time to consider hiring help.

Finally, if you are too busy to clean the property, you can contact a reputable house cleaning service in Sydney. The professional cleaners will make your house sparkling clean in no time, and all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy your own sweet time. If you nod your head in agreement with any of these reasons for your filthy house, it’s time to think about what you can do to improve it. It’s possible.