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Terms and Conditions

Our Web Site Terms and Conditions for Review

  1. Terms

You are agreeing to our terms and conditions by accessing this website. These terms and condition given below will apply when you book our professional cleaning services. Remember, if you don’t agree to our all applicable laws and regulations, you are not allowed to access or use our website.  This website is secured by appropriate copyright and trade mark law.

  1. License

For personal or non-commercial transitory viewing, you can temporarily download the copy of the information on Maid2go’s website.

  1. We give only the permission (license), not the title legally transferred to you. You can assess only certain things in our website and have banned the following activates,
  • The customer should not “mirror” the materials on any other server or transfer the information to other.
  • You are not allowed to remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from our website.
  • Customer shall not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on Maid2go website.
  • It is banned to use the data of Maid2go for any public display or for any commercial purpose.
  • Any textual or graphic materials in the Maid2go website are not allowed to copy or modify it.
  1. If you violate any of these rules and regulations, your permission will be automatically terminated and as the result your license will be terminated by Maid2go at once. After terminating your viewing license, Maid2go officially warns you to remove any downloaded materials of Maid2go permanently from your possession. No matter whether the Maid2go materials are in electronic or printed format, you should delete it permanently.


The information on Maid2go provided in our website is provided “as is”, and we don’t negate all other warranties, gives any warranties, implied and hereby disclaims, and expressed or implied.

Also, beyond the house cleaning service, no other jobs like lifting heavy objects to other place will be done. In case, if our professionals accept to do so, it might affect the cost and time needed to complete the cleaning to your satisfaction.

Maid2go does not make any representations or warrant regarding the accuracy of the results. Even though we put more efforts to make sure our materials are accurate, Maid2go cannot guarantee that all the materials on our website is always up-to-date.

Limiting Rule or Circumstance

At Maid2go, the supplier shall have no liability for any damages, which includes due to business interruption, damages for loss of data or profit or without limitation.

This is because, some authorities at Maid2go do not allow, limitations of liability for incidental damages, or limitations on implied warranties.

Revisions and Errata

Maid2go won’t give warrant of accurate, complete, or current for our website materials. The reason behind this is, although we make strong efforts to make our materials as perfect, in some case, our Maid2go materials that you can see on our website could also include some photographic, typographical, or technical issues. We will take steps and remove these types of error   that our materials contained at any time without notice..

Other Linked Site

Maid2go don’t goes through all of the websites linked to its Internet web site, so we are not responsible for the contents of any such linked site in Maid2go website. In case, if you use any of that linked web sites, it’s only at the user’s own risk.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

If you do not agree to the modified or replaced terms, you are prohibited from using our website. In case, if you have copied or modified from our data or material, without notice your license will be automatically terminated.

Governing Law of Maid2go

Without reference to its conflict of law’s provisions, Maid2go’s web site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Sydney, NSW, if any claim relates Maid2go’s web site.

The same terms and conditions will be applicable to Use of a Web Site.

Happiness Guarantee at Maid2go

In case, if any customer doesn’t feel happy with our house cleaning project, they can let us know that within 48 hours by contacting Maid2go. Once we receive the report, we will send another professional team to visit the place and redo it again till the customer satisfied. Remember this redo service is free of charge. If any of the customer is still unsatisfied with our quality work, we will refund up to the entire service cost.

Cancelling Service Policy

If you need to cancel the cleaning services, you have to make it before 1 day of scheduled date. In case, if your cleaning cancellations are rendered 24 hour, you will be charged up to 50% of the booking total. This means, we will charge a minimum cancellation fee of $50. So, for cleaning cancellations you should give 24 hours prior.

Also, according the customers flexibility, cleaning cancellations include day-of rescheduling the house cleaning option in Maid2go website. For this due to us blocking out a spot in our schedule for your cleaning, you will be charged a fee of $50.

Remember, repeated cancellations or offences will be disturbance to us. If this happens, we will cancel these requests permanently.

Loss and Breakage Policy at Maid2go

All loss and breakage issues should be made within 48 hours of our service. Once you inform this to Maid2go by phone or mail, we will set a form to you to be filled out. You have to fill it and send to us as soon as possible. So, that we can find the issues, and clear it out.

Hazardous and Hoarding Condition Policy

For all type of hazardous cleaning you have to notify us with while scheduling your appointment. In case, if you did inform it previously, our professionals have rights to walk away.  This is because, it goes over and above our normal cleaning environment.  For this situation, you will be charged up to $50 booking fee due to holding your space in our schedule.